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Shadows Eternal

A hidden world full of magick and dark temptations.
Shadows Eternal, Book 2
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The sequel to Ashley Lockwood's spellbinding and seductive bestselling debut Shadow of Dark Desire.


Gwen's indoctrination to the world of magick was swift and bloody but after surviving the horrors of the magick mirror she's determined to adapt to her new life. Sirus vows to keep her safe within his clan's hidden ancient castle and Gwen vows to get over her irritating crush on her vampire protector. But the deeper she's drawn into the mysteries of Volkov and her untapped powers, the harder it becomes to resist the primal connection pulling her toward Sirus. But the deeper she's drawn into the mysteries of Volkov Castle and her untapped powers, the harder it becomes to resist the connection pulling her toward Sirus.

Sirus survived the magick mirrors because of Gwendolyn's gift of blood but he is determined to keep his distance and keep her safe. As she recovers within the bounds of Volkov, Sirus finds himself captivated by Gwendolyn's courage, strength, and vibrant spirit. She is a sweet temptation who threatens to bring a monster to his knees.

While Gwen, Sirus, and their friends try to unravel the depths of her magick and mysterious history, the evil High Priestess and her loyal servant, Aldor, continue their unyielding hunt. Gwen and Sirus’s bond transforms into something beyond anything they thought possible, except old insecurities are not always easy to overcome, pushing Gwen to wonder if a vampire with a heart of pure ice could ever truly fall in love.

Amazon bestselling author Ashley Lockwood’s captivating storytelling brings this second book in her magickal, sexy, action-packed Shadows Eternal series to new heights.

Devour the finale (for now) of Gwen and Sirus’s 2-part story. Read part 1 in Shadow of Dark Desire.

In ebook, print, and through Kindle Unlimited.

He shifted on his heel, looking down the hall behind him and then back at her. “Volkov is protected by old magick,” he told her. “It’s long been a sanctuary to my clan. To me.”

Gwen’s little smile fell away, and she slowly came up to stand in front of him, her chest fluttering. “It’s beautiful,” she told him, hoping he could sense how much she meant it. “I see why you like being here so much.”

His expression was steeled, but there was a touch of something in his eyes. “It’s not what you were expecting?”

She smirked sheepishly. “No. I get now why you got so annoyed when I called it spooky.”

Sirus’s gaze held on her face for a moment before he turned to continue down the hall. “We do get bats on occasion,” he confessed without even a hint of humor.

Gwen couldn’t help but smile as she followed behind him. Per usual, she couldn’t tell if he was being serious or funny. “How fitting,” she retorted with amusement, deciding she found it funny whether he’d intended it or not. “Then maybe it is a little spooky,” she teased.

~ What Readers are Saying About A Heart of Ice and Shadow ~


"This series has everything I'm looking for in a book… action, suspense, love (spice 🌶️), friendship, and much more." - Amazon Review


"Love the worldbuilding and steamy romance!" - BookBub Review


"The first book hooked me and this next one is even better." - Amazon Review


I was completely hooked! I loved the characters and can't wait for more from this series!"

- ARC Review

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