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A hidden world full of magick and dark temptations.
Shadows Eternal, Book 1

Sometimes the dark creature lurking in the shadows is exactly who you've always been waiting for.

Gwendolyn Moore's simple, predictable life shatters the night her feverish dreams manifest a devilishly handsome reality - the mysterious, cold-as-ice vampire Sirus. With one intense encounter, Gwen is thrust into an uncharted world of magick, hunted by dark forces coveting the immense power unknowingly simmering within her.

For decades, Sirus has existed in tranquil solitude—until an ancient enemy emerges, demanding he pay a blood debt. Forced from his self-imposed solitude the brooding immortal is begrudgingly tasked as protector. His target? A seemingly average woman - naive to the magickal world, yet frustratingly alluring. In other words; entirely off limits to an ancient vampire like him, or so he has to keep reminding himself.

Gwen discovers a world of mages, dragons, witches, and other creatures known as the Folk. As a power-hungry priestess closes in, she is forced to navigate this new world and the truths of her past, the last thing she needs is a crush on her vampire protector. Despite his deadly vampire persona, Gwen can't help but trust Sirus, and soon her wild curiosity about him threatens to ignite an uncontrollable fire she isn't sure she wants unleashed.


     She blinked, her wide eyes lingering on the span of shadow, trying to adjust to the darkness. It seemed empty. Then she saw it. A shift. So slight she thought it might be her eyes playing tricks on her. But the shift twisted into an outline. An outline of a person. Her breath hitched.

     “Hello, Gwendolyn.”

     All the blood rushed to her toes. The words were carried by the rich, graveled voice of a man. A voice she now knew.

     The second he stepped out of the shadows and into the dim light she was sure her heart had stopped. His eyes were locked on hers. Eyes Gwen hadn’t been able to see in her dream. Eyes that seemed to gaze right through her. Eyes the color of frost.

~ What Readers are Saying About Shadow of Dark Desire ~


"Shadow of Dark Desire is sexy and captivating, what a stellar debut novel. Sirus? WHEW HUNNY." - Amazon Review


"I was completely engrossed from beginning to end. This book is a must read!" - BookBub Review


"Shadow of Dark Desire is a must-read for fans of romance and fantasy alike..." - Amazon Review


"This is just fantastic and I just could not put it down!" - Amazon Review


"I need more and went to the 2nd book immediately. I hope the whole series is this good." - Amazon Review


"...the world building was fantastical and creative!" - Amazon Review


"Amazing! I couldn't even begin to put it down. I was completely hooked, captivated from beginning to end! I loved the characters and the sexual tension is *che's kiss*. Brilliant!"

- ARC Review

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